Reading Resources

Build or supplement your homeschooling curriculum with these resources for reading and literacy. Or, if your kids will be distance-learning, supplement with some extra reading and literacy lessons.

Kidlit TV

KidLit TV is a diverse group of parents, educators, librarians, kid lit creators, and award-winning filmmakers working together to create fun new ways to reinforce an appreciation of reading that children will carry with them for the rest of their lives.


Epic! - Kids Books and Videos is a subscription-based ebook service for kids age 2–12. Kids and parents can choose from more than 35,000 books, and they can read them online or offline, on the Web, or on mobile devices.


While it's not the cheapest source for educational games, for a fairly moderate subscription price you get access to a LOT of educational games that truly do keep kids engaged in learning math and reading. But the games are VERY noisy, with probably 75% game for 25% educational content.