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The Best Seattle Neighborhoods for Families with Kids

August 03, 2021

Thinking about moving? Looking for a family-friendly home base with great options for kids? Check out Seattle!

Well known as a metropolitan vacation destination for families, Seattle neighborhoods are also a great idea for a more permanent sort of trip. The city offers lots of opportunities for attractions and education, while the lush green spaces of the Pacific Northwest allows space to raise a family in comfort. Whether you’re planning a move, or just relocated and are looking to explore—here are some popular areas to help you find your perfect Seattle neighborhood.

Laidback Seattle Neighborhood Living in Queen Anne

Minutes from city center and nestled between Lake Union and the Puget Sound, Queen Anne is a dream neighborhood. If you prize walkability and nature views (those Olympic Mountains!), Queen Anne is the space for you.

Adjacency to the lake and sound means homemakers can plan days of boat outings and beach excursions. Easy access to cultural spaces like Memorial Stadium, the Seattle Opera, the Pacific Science Center, the Museum of Pop Culture, and the Seattle Children’s Theatre in Lower Queen Anne (bottom of the hill) is another perk of this Seattle neighborhood!

Upscale Life in Windermere

Resting on the northern edge of Lake Washington, Windermere—named for England’s own Lake District—is a space for families who prefer the great outdoors to the city, but don't want to totally abandon urban living. The long, winding Lake Washington is the second-largest natural lake in the state, and the view of the water right outside your door in the morning is incomparable. Check out boat tours of the lake, or buy a boat and make weekend excursions yourselves!

In addition to the lake vista, this Seattle neighborhood is riddled with stunning bike and nature trails. Rent some bikes and explore, or spend an afternoon out at the Lakeland Pony Trek riding horses in nature. The more adventurous can try the Treetop Trek swing, climb, balance and fly through the ancient oak woodland canopy on one of their 35 treetop challenge courses.

Get Close to Capitol Hill and the Central District in Madrona

Also on the banks of Lake Washington, though on the other side of the canal, is residential Madrona. With lively downtown and Capitol Hill to the west and the lake to the east, Madrona is a quiet oasis in the wide metropolis. The neighborhood boasts a plethora of top-performing schools for your kids, and the short distance to both urban delight and calming nature make this an ideal Seattle neighborhood to settle in.

Architecture buffs will also fawn over the eclectic mix of historical craftsman homes, from small bungalows to massive waterfront mansions. Also a neighborhood infused with nature, a bike ride or hike through the lush green surroundings or a picnic in Madrona Park are easy ways to pass an afternoon with your family. Or, take a dip west into the city center for a more exuberant weekend—you’ve got the best of both worlds!

Hip Seattle Neighborhood Lifestyle in Ballard

Once a sleepy fishing village, the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard on the Puget Sound has seen a recent population explosion, and is now one of the trendiest spots around. The neighborhood is replete with hip bars, restaurants, and cultural spaces, and rests on a gorgeous westward view of Puget Sound and Bainbridge Island.

The Ballard Ave Historic District along Salmon Bay preserves much of the old architecture of the original Scandinavian fishing village and independent town. Surrounding areas have more contemporary offerings, and residential pockets are scattered around between. An array of good schools complete the package as an ideal area to start or raise a family. With its delicate balance of new glitz and old history, Ballard is definitely a highlight for young parents who want to raise their kids in a historic yet urban environment.

Small Town Feel in West Seattle

The eclectic mix of unique Seattle neighborhoods that make up West Seattle also earn a space on this list. The trendy heart of the area, West Seattle Junction, is full of funky shops and cool and colorful coffee houses, bars, and eateries. Alki Beach is popular with beach-lovers and kayakers—be sure to rent a kayak tour around Elliot Bay at least once! The trails and saltwater beach at Lincoln Park, overlooking the Sound, is another popular lounging space.

West Seattle also is home to fully one-third of Seattle’s urban forest space, mostly in the Duwamish Green Belt (running alongside the eponymous Duwamish River). West Seattle is another neighborhood perfect for nature-lovers.

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