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The Best Public Pools in Seattle

August 05, 2021

Need an activity to get the kids out of the house this summer? Bringing them to a public pool -- inside or outside -- can be a great option.

Obviously, proximity to your home is often the most relevant factor to consider in searching for a public pool in the Seattle area. But if you’re ready for an adventure -- or you’re visiting Seattle with kids and looking for things to do -- you may want to scope out other options.

Here is a quick rundown of the options -- and what families say about them.

Ballard Pool

Located just north of the Heart of Ballard adjacent to Ballard High School. Featuring a 25-yard pool with water slide, low dive, rope swing and warm water spa. Ballard specializes in unique water sports such as synchronized swimming, diving and water polo for youth. For a change of pace, try the drop in water polo scrimmage for adults on Sunday nights. Fun and fitness!

Where it's located: 1471 NW 67th St, Seattle, WA

When it's open: Year-Round (Indoor)

What people are saying:

"Good pool with friendly staff. Very crowded at times. Sad that they had to remove the high dive and replace it with the slide. In my opinion the slide is a waste of money as it is kind of pathetic and small." - Oliver Stacey

"Older but clean pool with a slide at the deep end and a rope swing. There is a warm jacuzzi pool for when you are done swimming. They have life vests and toys for children, and lots of swimming classes." - Shana Gitnick

Colman Pool

The Colman outdoor pool has one of the best locations in all of Seattle. Right on the Puget Sound in Lincoln Park, you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery while sitting on one of the many lounge chairs available. Kids love the waterslides and water toys that are also available.

Where it’s located: 8603 Fauntleroy Way SW, Seattle, WA

When it’s open: June 19th through September 6th 2021

What people are saying:

“Great views nice 50 m salt water pool” - Bill Reeder

“Best outdoor pool in Seattle!  To be fair Seattle only has 2 outdoor public swimming pools (not nearly enough), and I do recommend them both.  What makes the Colman Pool so special is the beautiful setting in Lincoln Park, right on the Puget Sound.  The pool is saltwater, and its pool building was built in 1940's which is also very cool.  Please note that you do need to check the pool schedule  and plan for a 10-15 min walk through the park to get to the pool (there is no street access, only walking path).”- Britt Fletcher

Evans Pool

Located in Green Lake, the Evans Pool is great for parents who want to stay and watch their kid’s take a swim lesson or jump off the diving board. With WIFI and a sauna, you don’t need to go in the water to enjoy yourself.

Where it’s located: 7201 East Green Lake Dr N, Seattle, WA

When it’s open: Year-Round (Indoor)

What people are saying:

“My daughter (7 years old) had her first swim class at the Green Lake pool this week, and it was a good experience overall. Friendly staff, nice clean pool, not too big. They did good crowd management at the beginning of the lesson, and she said the pool was great. We only wish there were a couple more showers in the locker room--some girls have to wait a while to shower afterward.” -Virginia See

“Public,  affordable, lessons,  open swim,  and in the park that the entire country knows... green lake.” -Carl Berg

Medger Evers Pool

Located next to the Garfield Community Center, the Medger Evers Pool features a rope swing, diving board, sauna, and shallow pool for young kids as well as for many of their aquatic exercise classes. Check online before going to this pool, as they have limited capacity.

Where it’s located: 500 23rd Ave, Seattle, WA

When it’s open: Year-Round (Indoor)

What people are saying:

“Went twice for lap swimming. Water was a good, cooler temp the first time I swam and a lot warmer the second. Depends on what you like. Staff was generally helpful and kind. Good covid protocols in place.” -Helen Lin

“Signed up online, suited up and showed up. They made the process easy and quick during these times.  Clean and safe.” -Cici DesRoches

Madison Pool

For adults who enjoy water aerobics or aquatic exercise classes, this is the pool for you. The class offerings range from beginning swimming lessons, springboard diving, to Hydrofit exercise classes. Kids can swim in the teaching pool or take lessons to keep them busy during your class.

Where it’s located: 13401 Meridian Ave N, Seattle, WA

When it’s open: Year-Round (Indoor)

What people are saying:

“Love the swim classes and free swim here. We've done the parent & child and child only class,  both are great. Well cared for pool and locker rooms.  Nice space with bleacher and foldout chairs for waiting parents.” -Jane Weil

“Always nice employees, helpful staff, and a warm enough pool. Bring quarters for the lockers. I wish Seattle pool hours weren't so crazily varied, but that's how Seattle pools work as a whole, not this location's fault. This pool makes good dual use of the pool and splits the shallow end for other activities while lanes are available in the other half.”-Kt M

Meadowbrook Pool

This pool has amenities the whole family will enjoy. They offer aqua jogging, hydrofit exercise, and water exercise classes. Swim lessons are also available for all ages and abilities. The kids will be able to enjoy the tall and short diving boards along with the rope swing.

Where it’s located: 10515 35th Ave NE, Seattle, WA

When it’s open: Year-Round (Indoor)

What people are saying:

“I have been participating in the 5:30 AM lap swim. Staff is very welcoming and helpful. There is a wide variety of ages and swimming abilities so I feel comfortable while swimming. Custodial staff does a great job with cleanliness and maintenance. Thank you Meadowbrook staff.” -Sonny D

“Went for ladies swim night. What a great idea! No men, no screaming kids. Just ladies either swimming laps (without judgement) or having fun. I would recommend to any ladies looking for something different and fun to do.” -Miss L

Mounger Pool

This is one of the more popular pools since very few in the Seattle area are outdoors. The larger of the two pools features 5 ladders and a 50 foot corkscrew slide. The smaller pool is shallow and meant for young kids and inexperienced swimmers. Swim lessons are available for kids, however they are available by drop-in only on a first-come, first-served basis.

Where it’s located: 2535 32nd Ave W, Seattle, WA

When it’s open: June 19th - September 6th

What people are saying:

“Lifeguards were friendly and professional. Staff seemed to work well together. Facility was fun.” -Shawndelle J

“Really great pool and fairly easy parking in the lot and on the street. Lots of elderly doing water aerobics most hours of the day. Fun little water slide.” -Ry An

Queen Anne Pool

Lots of activities that the pool has to offer such as swimming and aquatic fitness classes, family swim sessions, two diving boards, a rope swing, and sauna. Great for the whole family to enjoy.

Where it’s located: 1920 1st Ave W, Seattle, WA

When it’s open: Year-Round (Indoor)

What people are saying:

“Great open pool for the neighborhood to come in and enjoy. They have adult swim, senior swim, high intensity interval training which is water running, deepwater fitness and classes for any age. The cool thing about this pool is they have a high dive!” -Sheen Hunter

“Such a great time with my 5yo. He is getting closer and closer to swimming on his own! We have gone to one family swim and one public swim and I don't know if there is much difference than the time slot.” -Matt Romans

Rainier Beach Pool

One of the coolest pools in the area, the Rainier Beach pool has everything you could ask for, a water slide, hot tub, sauna, diving board, wide lap lanes, and a perfect place to host a birthday party. Lap swim and water fitness is also offered at this facility.

Where it’s located: 8825 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA

When it’s open: Year-Round (Indoor)

What people are saying:

“Very friendly staff. Super wide lanes, having swam in pools all across the country, this is some of the widest lanes I've swam in. Also, love that the water doesn't taste funny. Some pools use a salty chlorine which causes the water to taste salty and thick, this water was just nice strong chlorine. Will say that the pool is definitely on the warmer side...good for slow swimming and fitness.” -Helen Lin

“The staff were friendly. The pool was nice and warm. As with any other lap swim set up. There are lanes with various speed levels. Check for me in the very slow lane :-). Remember to either pre purchase a lap swim card or have exact change!”-Haminda Rawls

Southwest Pool

The Southwest Pool is the place to go for those who enjoy traditional lap swimming as well as water exercise classes. This is also family-friendly with 2 diving boards, family changing rooms, sauna, and a hot tub. Fun for the whole family!

Where it’s located: 2801 SW Thistle St, Seattle, WA

When it’s open: Year-Round (Indoor)

What people are saying:

“Love Southwest Pool! We swim there in the winter when Colman Pool is closed for the season. It's always a comfortable 80 degrees and has different sessions for all ages and abilities and we're never seen it crowded. And what a bargain! It works out to $6.00 a session for me and only $4.00 each for my 'senior' husband and disabled son, including the weight room, sauna and hot tub. No down side here!” -Cindy Craig

“Southwest Pool is awesome I love this place it's way cool, growing up as a kid I swam here alot every chance I could . It's a public swimming pool . This place is very easy to find and there's plenty of parking place's to park your car at . It's a very sweet place to visit with your family and friend's . #love #swimmingpool” -Bella Official

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