How It Works

Can Nanno really help me book a babysitter near me?
Yes we can.
Here's how.
Find a trusted babysitter, on demand

To book your babysitter, simply click on the Make a Booking button and enter your details. Unlike, UrbanSitter and SitterCity, booking with Nanno is truly on demand.

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Put them on your shortlist

Make your own shortlists of your favorite sitters - one for date night sitters, one for daytime backup sitters, even one for when you need a babysitter while on vacation. Next time you need a sitter, you can send your request to your favorites first.

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Chat with your sitter via Nanno

Exchange secure messages with your sitter through the Nanno app before and during your booking. Get instant updates on how your kids are doing.

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Simple pricing

No more awkward negotiations on how much to pay your babysitter. Nanno sets the hourly rate based on the going rate for sitters in your area.



How do I know if you have babysitters near me?

We have sitters in every major U.S. metro area -- and in a lot of rural areas as well.Click here to check if we have sitters in your zip code.

Is there a fee to join Nanno?

Nope. Our basic plan is totally free. You only pay for the care you book. (If youupgrade to our premium planfor $29.99/month, you get a lower hourly rate when you book care. But that’s totally optional.)

Can I choose my sitter?

Yes and no. We can’t guarantee that a single sitter that you choose will be available at the exact time you need them. Instead, we let you choose a bunch of different sitters you like, and send your request to ALL of them. The first to say she can do it is booked instantly. (And your list is automatically saved for next time.)

Can I see sitter ratings and reviews?

At present, we keep all ratings and reviews internal -- and take responsibility for removing any sitter who does not get high ratings. But the ability to view ratings and reviews is coming in our new app -- launching in November 2020!