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The Best Houston Neighborhoods For Families With Kids

October 19, 2021

Houston is a fast-growing city, with nearly 122 people flocking to neighborhoods in the metro area every day from 2019 to 2020—and for good reasons. The city’s thriving job market and low cost of living compared to similar metropolitan areas is an obvious draw. Living in Houston is 76.5% cheaper than New York City and 155.5% than San Francisco, as of 2020. Houston is also regarded as one of the most diverse cities in the United States.

However, as great as Houston may be on the whole, not every neighborhood is perfect for everyone. So, to help you explore the different areas in the city, here’s a list of some of best Houston neighborhoods for families.

Best Family Neighborhoods in Houston Proper

Metro Houston is a sprawling city where culture takes center stage. The commercial hub is chock-full of museums, theaters, historic landmarks, and international cuisine. In addition, it has plenty of parks where you can surround yourself with nature and enjoy outdoor activities. Check out some of these neighborhoods if you and your family are thinking of moving to Houston!

The Heights

Also known as Houston Heights, this neighborhood is one of the earliest planned communities in the state. Dotted with historic bungalows and Craftsman and Queen Anne architecture, The Heights exudes a culturally vibrant vibe that makes it ideal for young families. The neighborhood has plenty of local boutiques, eclectic restaurants, and is highly walkable, lending it a small-town charm that sets it apart as an oasis from the bustle of downtown life.

Why It's Great for Kids

  • It is part of a top-notch public school district, and a number of great private schools are also available
  • Plenty of large, historic homes, perfect for raising a family
  • There are lots of nearby parks and green spaces for kids to play in

Museum District

The Museum District is the city’s cultural and artistic hub. Packed into this downtown district are 19 museums, cultural centers, and galleries, which means you’ll never lack for activities. Like much of metro Houston, a wealth of public parks dot the Museum District, making it perfect for the family that needs a little greenery in their lives.  When it comes to housing, the district has its fair share of historical real estate to choose from. However, there are also affordable condo communities and apartments that smaller families will appreciate.

Why It's Great for Kids

  • It is home to popular family destinations, like the Children’s Museum of Houston and the Houston Zoo
  • Home to the Miller Outdoor Theater, which frequently puts on where family-friendly performances
  • Hermann Park—explore picnic spaces, butterfly exhibits, and various international cuisines

River Oaks

Planned back in the 1920s, River Oaks is high-society Houston. It is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the United States, with historic mansions ranging in the millions, but an influx of younger families to the neighborhood have also found a way to make their mark. River Oaks is also packed with high-end art galleries, boutiques, and dining options.

Why It's Great for Kids

  • River Oaks is home to top-performing schools like River Oaks Elementary and Lanier Middle School
  • Spacious parks, open greenery, and some of the city’s hottest restaurants and venues—you’re surrounded by historic Houston

Best Neighborhoods for Families in Suburban Houston

If the hustle and bustle of city life is not quite your cup of tea, check out the suburbs instead. After all, of the 858,374 households in Houston, more than half reside outside the metro area. Some options that are popular with families are:

The Woodlands

The Woodlands is a planned community located some 28 miles north of downtown Houston. It offers a thriving mix of suburban and urban life, as the neighborhood has both shopping centers and corporate campuses, and spacious nature reserves and quiet residential areas. The Woodlands is also home to some of the area’s top-performing schools.

Why It's Great for Kids

  • Plenty of kid’s museums, like the Play Street Museum and Woodlands Children’s Museum
  • It has 220 miles of hike and bike trails, and 140 parks—great for the nature-loving family
  • Lots of water recreation, such as pools and splash pads, which are great for beating the hot Houston summer

Sugar Land

Sugar Land, also known as the “Sweetest City in Texas,” is neighborhood 20 minutes outside of Houston. Once upon a time known as sugar plantations (hence the name), the neighborhood is now characterized by its wealth of family-friendly attractions and venues. Parks and indoor play spaces also abound: your kids will always have something to do!

Why It's Great for Kids

  • It was rated an excellent place to raise children by 98% of respondents in the 2020 Citizen Satisfaction Survey
  • There are plenty of indoor play places, such as trampoline parks and kids’ obstacle courses
  • See a wide collection of recreational parks where families can go on picnics and spot local flora and fauna


Katy is a neighborhood in the western part of Greater Houston that allows for a suburban lifestyle without sacrificing easy access to the city. The neighborhood is dotted with intimate planned communities, and is home to some of the best school districts in the Greater Houston area. It’s also a short commute from the business district, so convenient for work. The neighborhood features plenty of affordable residential properties as well, which make it great for families on a budget.

Why It's Great for Kids

  • There are plenty of farmers’ markets where families can purchase produce to make healthy meals
  • Easy access to both work and leisure activities
  • A very walkable suburb!

Spring Branch

A quiet, residential suburb, Spring Branch lies tucked just outside the city. However, its close proximity to downtown Houston means families still retain access to shopping centers, corporate campuses, museums, and popular tourist destinations. Full of sprawling ranch homes, Spring Branch is perfect for families who want to own a healthy chunk of land but still crave access to the city.

Why It's Great for Kids

  • It houses the Spring Branch Family Development Center which provides various recreational, educational, and social services to residents.
  • Lots of spacious properties
  • Removed from city chaos, but not too far to make a day or night out a hassle

Find the Ideal Houston Neighborhood for You and Your Kids

Houston is a multicultural metropolis with peaceful suburban oases, vibrant city centers, lush parks, and world-class cultural attractions. So, whether you are just visiting the area or planning on moving in, there are definitely tons of places to visit, activities to do, and sights to see. There are also lots of family-friendly neighborhoods to choose from when relocating with your kids.

All of the aforementioned Houston neighborhoods each have characteristics and amenities suited for different families and lifestyles. At the end of the day, however, you get access to all that the city has to offer. Plus, in case you need someone to watch your kids while you’re on a night out, at work, or taking care of other things, Nanno’s wealth of babysitters and nannies in the area have your childcare needs covered.

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