Caregiver Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get paid?

When you register to be a Nanno caregiver, you will be asked to open an account with Stripe Connect, an online payment processor that handles all payment processing for Nanno. That allows us to deposit your fees directly into your checking account. Payment will be processed approximately 24 hours after the end of each booking, and will appear in your bank account within a few days (depending on the bank). (We know this can be a long time to wait. That's why we're working on a system that will allow payment to be processed instantly. Stay tuned!)

Will you do a background check on me?


Do I have to write a bio, film a video, etc?

All we require is a short bio and a picture. We also hold a picture day once a month, when a professional photographer is available to photograph our caregivers at their best.

How do I know the bookings are safe (i.e. no creepers)?

Nanno is a members-only service, available only to families and caregivers who are referred to us through an existing user or organization with which Nanno has a connection.

Can I say no to a booking?

You can opt not to accept a booking that’s offered to you, but once you’ve accepted it, we ask that you not cancel.

What if parents ask me to do other household tasks, like run errands or do light cleaning?

We ask parents not to ask Nanno caregivers to do anything other than devote your full attention to caring for their kids. That said, if parents do ask you to do other things, it's up to you whether to accommodate their requests.

Can I care for kids at a location other than their home?

Sure! At a parent's request, you can meet the parents and kids at the parents' office, a museum, the zoo, etc. Just be sure to talk to parents about any special ground rules they'd like you to follow.

How do I know if Nanno is available in my area?

Nanno works wherever there are a handful of parents and a handful of caregivers who want to join. We are actively building our caregiver base in the Denver metro area, the Fort Collins metro area, and the mountain resort towns of Colorado (including Vail, Breckenridge, Winter Park and Steamboat Springs), and we’re beginning to build our caregiver base in several other U.S. cities, including New York, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Austin, and Maui. If you think Nanno would be a good fit for your community — big or small — please shoot us an email at, or apply to be an ambassador.

What can I do to get a Nanno node started in my community?

Starting a Nanno node is surprisingly easy. All you need is a community of parents and caregivers who are interested in joining Nanno. If you're interested in spearheading a Nanno node in your area, please send us an email at

Are you a parent?

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