The Best Neighborhoods (and Suburbs) in Denver for Families with Kids

Next time you’re scouting somewhere to take your family, whether to move or for vacation, consider Denver! According to a multi-metric analysis by Clever Real Estate, Denver is the safest city in America, with the lowest violent and property crime rates and some of the lowest natural disaster risks.

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Denver got its start as a mining town in the 1858 Pike’s Peak Gold Rush. A century and a half later, it’s now one of the most popular places for families with kids to live and visit. There are a number of great neighborhoods in the Denver metro area to raise your kids, though it’s always hard to assess before you visit! Take a look at this guide to help plan your next move (or vacation).

South Park Hill

Sitting just east of City Park and the Denver Zoo, South Park Hill is frequently listed as Denver’s top residential neighborhood—and perhaps one of the best in America. With great schools and transit, easy access to city amenities, a quiet atmosphere, and low crime, this “suburb within a city” is a perfect place to move with your kids.

A wide variety of historic bungalows, luxury row homes, condos, and single-family residences means there is a location for every shape of family. The neighborhood is centrally located in the city, which provides an easy commute. However, it’s also surprisingly self-contained—you get the benefits of urban life without feeling surrounded by it 24/7! The neighborhood is stacked with attractions for kids, and there are plenty of cute wine bars and posh eateries for adult time too.

Washington Park

Situated around the eponymous public green space, Washington Park is a largely residential neighborhood in south-central Denver. The park features two lakes, vast open space, tree-lined paths, and gardens modeled after the ones at George Washington’s Mount Vernon. One can spot families exercising outside, jogging, or kayaking on any given day. This is a great neighborhood for the environmentally conscious, nature-loving family.

Central Park

Located east of downtown, the Central Park neighborhood (formerly Stapleton) is home to 25,000 Denver residents since its inception at the site of the former Stapleton International Airport. Now a huge community of diverse housing options and the beautiful Eastbridge Town Center full of boutiques, restaurants, and shops; it’s no surprise Central Park has become one of the state’s models for a modern planned community.

Commuters are served by the Central Park RTD A-line offering a straight shot to downtown and Denver International, and as the area expands RTD is in process on developing both additional transit options as the city grows the vacant, pre-zoned parcels north and south of I-70.

Greenwood Village

A bit farther south of the city proper is the charming Greenwood Village to consider. Greenwood Village was predominantly farms, dairies, and unpaved gravel roads until the early 1950s. The neighborhood has since tripled in size—though with a population of just under 16,000 people, it still retains its small-town charm. Residents enjoy Greenwood Village for its private locale and sense of community.

As home to the Denver Tech Center, Greenwood Village also hosts a number of Denver’s biggest corporations and tech organizations. As such, the one-time sleepy mining town and ranch has now become a favorite of young professionals and the executive class striving to cut down on their commute to the office. Greenwood Village also has some of the best schools in Denver—and Cherry Creek High is consistently rated the best high school in the whole state. This affluent suburb is great for the young professional family that wants great schools, a quick commute, and a quiet vibe.

Find A Neighborhood In Denver That’s Perfect For You And Your Kids

What’s the best neighborhood for your family in Denver? The one that fits your needs and personality. Explore the city thoroughly before you make your choice. Ask your future neighbors for opinions, and test-drive each neighborhood at various times to get a feel for the area yourself. Denver also has a wealth of fun, family-friendly attractions and activities to take advantage of on the weekend or for staycation. Whether it’s museum time, a day at the park or the zoo, or a sports game perhaps, there’s something for the whole family!

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