How It Works For Caregivers


Step 1: Get Invited

Nanno is an invitation-only network. Any existing user can send you an invite, though most of our caregivers are invited through an organization – a school or other organization with a focus on kids. If you need an invite, we're happy to help you find a connection in your existing network that can send you one.


Step 2: Tell Us About You

Once you’ve been invited and joined Nanno, we’ll ask you for some info about yourself, so we can run a background check and start getting your payment system set up. We’ll also invite you to write a brief bio and upload a photo that we’ll share with parents who book you. (More on that below.)


Step 3: Set Your Schedule

Let us know when you're available to accept bookings. You can change this schedule at any time, to reflect unexpected days off, holidays, etc.


Step 4: Hook Up Your Bank Account

We process payments automatically, so you can get paid through a direct deposit into your bank account within 48 hours of when a booking ends.


When a family is looking for a caregiver at a time when you’re available, we’ll let you know by text message. If you’re available and want to do it, just text back to accept. If you’re the first to accept, the booking is yours.

Step 5: Wait for the Bookings to Roll in

Are you a highly skilled caregiver? We'll pay you for being awesome!