How It Works For Caregivers

High-Quality Caregivers Wanted

Nanno is a marketplace platform, like Lyft, Uber, Etsy, Airbnb, etc. Our caregivers aren’t employees, they’re people looking for a free, flexible way to earn extra money by doing something they love – caring for kids. Even though we aren’t hiring employees, we do recruit great caregivers to join our network, and when we do, we look for people with backgrounds or an interest in pursuing careers in education, nursing, and/or childcare. Chances are, you’re here because we reached out to you through one of these interest areas – or because you were invited by another caregiver or a parent user. Either way, if you’re a high-quality caregiver who loves working with kids, we’re excited you’re here!

Opportunity Knocks

Once you’re signed up as a caregiver, you’ll get a text message every time someone’s looking for a caregiver in your area with your skill set. If you’re interested and available, just text back. If you’re first, the job is yours!

Keeping It Flexible

We’ll ask you for your general availability – which you can update whenever you like – just to make sure we’re not sending you opportunities that don’t work with your schedule. But that doesn’t mean you are obligated to pick a job up during your available time, or that you pick up a certain number of jobs per month. Just pick up the jobs that work for you!

Getting Paid

When you register to be a Nanno caregiver, you will be asked to open an account with Stripe Connect, an online payment processor that handles all payment processing for Nanno. That allows us to deposit your fees directly into your checking account. Payment will be processed approximately 24 hours after the end of each booking, and will appear in your bank account within a few days (depending on the bank). (We know this can be a long time to wait. That's why we're working on a system that will allow payment to be processed instantly. Stay tuned!)

Safety First

Unlike other online childcare platforms, Nanno is VERY concerned with the safety of our caregivers as well as the families who use our platform. That’s why we require background checks not only on every caregiver but also on all parent users who are not invited by an existing Nanno user. At this time, background checks are free for caregivers, but we also accept SafetyPIN, a new platform offering a “supercharged” background check that you can use not only on Nanno but on a growing number of other platforms.

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