SNL Supplies Missing Scenes from Frozen 2 and Baby Supplies a New Take on AC/DC

Must-see viewing for parents this week: A dad's musical mosaic of baby sounds, compiled to form a fair approximation of AC/DC's "Thunderstruck," and SNL's "edited scenes" from Frozen 2, which, let's just say, explain a lot. (Admittedly, neither made me laugh out loud as much as last month's mock Macy's commercial, but definitely both solid efforts.)

On a more serious note, the FDA approved the first treatment for children with peanut allergies on Friday.

And in the world of toys, Mattel has added Barbies with vitiligo and alopecia to what they are now calling the "most diverse doll line." Pretty cool, if you ask me.

Read on for more of the latest fam-tastic news and ideas.

Cool new tech to make life easier for parents and families.

  • Montessori At Home: 10 activities under $10 :: While you could easily spend hundreds of dollars on all of the beautiful Montessori toys available to buy, it's just as easy to provide engaging, Montessori-inspired learning activities for your child that cost almost no money at all. (Motherly)

Interesting stuff you can share with your kids -- or, if they're old enough, even have them read themselves

  • Kobe Bryant Biography:: Learn about the amazing life of the NBA superstar! (KidzWorld)
  • Get Ready To Celebrate Super Bowl LIV :: For those unfamiliar with the sport, the National Football League's (NFL) championship game, aka the Super Bowl,  may seems like an ordinary season finale. (DOGO)

Useful info and insights for life as a 'rent.

  • It's Flu Season—and it's Okay to Tell People Not to Kiss Your Baby​ :: This time of year is so tough. The weather can make it hard to leave your house, especially with a little kid (cue cabin fever). (Motherly)
  • Know What You Need to Navigate Nanny Taxes:: 1099 or W-2? – become something of a national debate. But it’s by no means a new one. (Kidlets)

Fun and -- shh, don't tell! -- educational things to do with kids.

  • Pipe Cleaner Alphabet :: This 3D alphabet was so fun to craft and the finished collection of letters has such a playful look to them. (Handmade Charlotte)
  • Creating a Frozen Bubble :: Here are all the secret details to give you the most beautiful, perfect frozen bubbles to WOW your kids! (STEAM)

Overheard on the Playground

“I think it’s a lot harder to be a teenager today. I feel like all of the insecurities, the highs and lows, the way that teenagers feel is the same. But there are so many other aspects that aggravate their lives.”

-- Molly Ringwald,
Molly Ringwald Talks Parenting A 16-Year-Old When You're An '80s Teen Icon