Who's the Boss? You Are -- Whether You Like It or Not

While most of the our back-to-school checklists involve prepping remote classrooms, creating microschools, and building child care contingency plans for this fall, the big news this week is that New York City public schools are scheduled to reopen for in-person classes this fall, making it the only major metro so far to announce that it will do so. If you're curious about what other states are doing, here is a complete state-by-state list of reopening plans.

(ICYMI, the Nanno team is working on a huge guide of things you may need if you're prepping to being an accidental homeschooler this fall. Also, we've made our StayCare product free, to help you find amazing caregivers, nannies, tutors and educators to help with your microschool or pandemic pod. In other words, if you need help this fall, we've got your back.)

Meanwhile, in a bizarre case of COVID-rage, a grown man in Florida apparently mask-shamed a child and spat in his face this week. Yep, jail time for him.

On the lighter side, the next 80s sitcom reboot has been announced -- and confirmed by Tony Danza a/k/a the original manny. You guessed it, "Who's the Boss?" is coming back, for better or worse.

Overheard on the Playground

"When we do the right thing, when we create safe spaces both online and off—everyone wins. Even the platforms themselves."

Prince Harry the Duke of Sussex


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