Three Cheers for (Limber) Dads

First and foremost, three cheers for dads! We can't stop watching this viral video of the dads of a New Jersey cheerleading team performing a full cheer routine -- complete with flips and cartwheels and ... just see for yourself.

Moms made a good showing this week too, with one mom inventing a brilliant way to get her 3-year-old to buy in to grocery shopping (and, presumably, food-eating) through branding.

In celebrity news, spring is in the air and everyone is talking about family planning. Kristen Bell revealed that she did not always know she wanted to be a mom, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry announced that their pre-marital pregnancy was NOT accidental, and Justin Bieber and Matthew McConaughey share the view that their respective wives have final say over how many kids to have. (Duh.)

Read on for more fam-tastic news and noteworthy tidbits from this week on the playground.

Overheard on the Playground

“Most of my life was just preparation to be a father and try to help make good humans. That’s the the actual meaning of life and the whole reason why we’re here. The rest is just prelude.”

-- Ben Affleck


Cool new tech to make life easier for parents and families.

  • Car Seat CoPilot Alert System :: This simple, inexpensive add-on for carseats alerts parents if they walk away from the car with their little human still strapped in. So cool! (Romper)


Interesting stuff you can share with your kids -- or, if they're old enough, even have them read themselves

  • Springing Forward -- But WHY? :: Today we "lost" an hour (and a perfectly good sleep schedule) when we changed our clocks for Daylight Savings. But why? (Ducksters)
  • Joe Biden And Bernie Sanders Emerge As Front-Runners :: March 3, 2020, marked the most significant day of voting in the Democratic Party's 2020 presidential nomination fight. (DOGO)


Useful info and insights for life as a 'rent.

  • How To Get Your Kids To Stop Touching Their Faces :: As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases around the world continues to rise, people are taking whatever steps they can to prevent contracting COVID-19. (HuffPost)
  • YouTube Children’s Content Faces a New Threat From the KIDS Act :: From toy unboxings to gaming videos, kids spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos. But if two Democratic senators get their way, YouTube and other companies could be forced to completely overhaul their children’s content ecosystems. (The Verge)


Fun and -- shh, don't tell! -- educational things to do with kids.

  • Easy St Patricks Day Snack :: Are you looking for a quick and interactive treat to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or another occasion? (Kids Activity Blog)
  • Easter Print Out Activity :: Free Easter Tracing printable set includes 4 different designs: a rabbit, an egg, a basket and a cross, in both upper case and lower case letters. (TotSchooling)
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