Parenting is hard. Nobody gets it right all the time, but that doesn't mean we can't try.

Mommy for Congress

Politics. Like so many things that are important to me, the question arises: When is the right time to start putting this material in front of my kids?

5 Ways Moms Are Like Superheroes

I’m a mom who happens to also love comics – and, of course, the recent proliferation of movies and TV shows based on comics – and it recently occurred to me that real-life moms share just about all the major traits that define the genre.

Arm Me with Harmony: Kid Safety in 7 Steps

Unless we keep our kids in a bubble, they are at risk every time they leave the house (and even while they’re in it). But there are things we can do to help keep them safer – and to give ourselves some comfort that we’re being proactive about helping mitigate the dangers of the world we live in.