Relatable Snoop, Kristen Hits a Snag, and Uncertainty is All around Us

Sadly, the biggest breaking news on the playground this week was that Kristen Bell's five-year-old still wears diapers at night. (Which is sad not because of the diapers -- this is a judgment-free zone! -- but because it was such big news.) Kudos to Kristen, though, for using it as a good reminder for us all: "Every kid is different."

On another relatable note, I don't think my mid-90s self would ever have thought Snoop Dogg would be providing this week's most relatable COVID parenting moment, but he so did.

Meanwhile, everyone is still abuzz about whether camps and schools can (or should) reopen. The American Camp Association and YMCA of the USA issued detailed guidelines this week for camps that choose to reopen, and the CDC is back with another indecision tree, this time for camps. The upshot: It's a personal choice on all sides.

Speaking of personal choices, what are YOU going to do about child care this summer (and/or in the fall, if schools don't reopen)? At Nanno, we're working on figuring out solutions to help parents with safe and reliable child care through this crazy time -- please take this quick survey to let us know what would be most helpful to you!

Hang in there, families! Stay safe! -- and read on for more news and nonsense from the playground.

Overheard on the Playground

"Let it go. We'll be outside soon."  
-- @snoopdogg


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