Poison Cupcakes, GS Cookies, and Trolling for Carseats

A Tacoma woman was drugged with a poison cupcake this week, by a former Colorado Springs mayoral candidate, who was posing to be a newborn photographer in an attempt to steal a baby. Luckily the victim's momstincts kicked in and she was able to eject the would-be kidnapper before succumbing to the temporary poison.

In other news, celebrity moms Shawn Johnson and Chrissy Tiegen spoke out about the various things they're shamed and trolled about on social media. So now Cat Woman knows what to look out for as a new mom (of Batman's baby) later this year.

Meanwhile, if you're short on Girl Scout cookies, ping Jennifer Garner at Jenhasextra@gmail.com. She has extra.

Read on for more fam-tastic news and ideas!

Overheard on the Playground

“No one ... I repeat NO ONE makes more observations than a child sharing a stall with their mother in a public restroom.”

-- @malary.pittz


Cool new tech to make life easier for parents and families.

  • 10 Air Purifiers For Mold To Help You And The Fam Breathe A Little Easier​ :: It may seem like you’re always either cleaning your house, buying cleaning products, or complaining that you need to buy cleaning products to clean your house. (Scary Mommy)


Interesting stuff you can share with your kids -- or, if they're old enough, even have them read themselves

  • Yosemite National Park Waterfall Transforms Every February :: The unlikely star of the pristine preserve is Horsetail Fall a small, nondescript waterfall that forms over the eastern edge of the park's famous vertical rock formation, El Capitan, every winter. (DOGO)
  • Good Habitat Keeping :: Guy and Mindy go on a home tour of some of the strangest homes and habitats in the animal kingdom. (Wow In The World)


Useful info and insights for life as a 'rent.

  • 8 Tips for Easy Weekend Family Dinners :: Here, parents give their tried-and-true advice for making it a little more possible. (Huff Post)
  • Its Science: Barriers to Self Care are Real :: The way we are conditioned to think about self-care affects what we do and how we feel about it. (Motherly)


Fun and -- shh, don't tell! -- educational things to do with kids.

  • Winter Weather Animal Paper Plates :: January may be behind us, but the chilly weather is sticking around for a little bit longer! (Handmade Charlotte)
  • Colour Changing Playdough :: Magic Playdough that changes colour as you play with it. Sound like fun? Well it was! (Steam Powered Family)