Oh, Daisy!

For the second week in a row, the parenting blogosphere was more focused on celebrity news and baby announcements than the eternal angst of pandemic parenting. Is this a good sign, or just pandemic fatigue? Either way, I never thought I'd be so interested in ...

The arrival of Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry's baby girl, Daisy Dove. The couple took the opportunity to use the birth announcement to plug UNICEF, for which they're both goodwill ambassadors, reminding fans that having access to quality healthcare when giving birth is not a privilege everyone enjoys.

Meanwhile, two developments related to the RNC this week: Comedian dad Jim Gaffigan finally lost his cool and went on a lengthy Twitter tirade against the party and it's leader. And, on the other side, Kelly Conway gave up her gig as senior counselor to the president, ostensibly to focus on her kids (the eldest of whom has become quite an outspoken critic of her mother's work).

Finally, August was a big month for family tech, with six new fam-tech companies included in the most recent graduating class of famed accelerator YCombinator, and the ed tech sector raising an astounding $222.8 million in venture capital this month alone. Read all about it in our very own Fam Tech Trends Report.

Read on for more fam-tastic news and notions for the week.

Overheard on the Playground

“Family is a wonderful thing, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do other stuff in your "You can be a calm, rational person who doesn’t rage-eat potato chips before 10am, or you can be a parent of children doing online school. You cannot be both."



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