Kids, Covid and Kamala

Unless you count parents being assaulted or murdered while their kids are at home, or celebrities having more babies (I won't plague you with the details on these), the big news this week is the selection of Kamala Harris as Joe Biden's running mate. Not necessarily fam-centric news -- but since it's all over the media, you may be interested in some ideas on how to discuss this news with your kids. (You know how obsessed I am with civic education.)

In more sensationalist news, a teenage employee at Sesame Place in Pennsylvania was assaulted by a couple, after asking the couple to wear masks.

And finally, some new news about COVID-19 antibodies. TL;DR: The presence or absence of antibodies is probably meaningless, making antibody testing probably mostly useless.

Read on for more (lighthearted) fam-tastic news and fun ideas for the week.

Overheard on the Playground

My 2.5 has learned several new phrases like "be quiet", "stop talking", "that's dumb", "don't touch me", and my personal favorite, "shhh, your singing hurts me"



The Zoom Room :: Dallas-based company Worksuite recently launched learning rooms for students, to help parents stay in the workforce and for kids to get their own private desk and resources.


The Psychology Of Tears :: The screaming and tears has a deep impact in your brain. Learn how a psychologist explains the physiological process for parents in dealing with their kid’s tantrums!

The Great Outdoors :: Kids are itching to get out of the house nowadays, and letting them play outside is perfectly fine if you take the right precautions.


The Hand Tree :: Prepare your kids for Autumn with this cool paper roll printed hand print tree.

Circus Crafts :: Bring the circus home with these awesome circus inspired crafts and recipes.


A Child’s Sacred Belongings :: A French child in the early 1900’s kept a 120-year-old tin box with his favorite photo inside it – guess what you think it is!

Child Ingenuity :: To fight the pandemic’s threat to his village, a 9-year-old from Mukwa village in Western Kenya created a sanitizing station for residents who don’t have easy access to running water.

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