URL: https://www.dreambox.com/

What They Say: DreamBox is a K-8 math solution, driven by technology, that's as unique as the students and educators who use it! For district, school, classroom, & home use.

Quick Review: "Overall, DreamBox is a very good and recommendable product. I especially liked its emphasis on conceptual understanding, and the fact that practice problems are "embedded" within a conceptual framework, and not presented as simple repetitive drill. I believe DreamBox will benefit most students. Just keep in mind it will not let you practice any topic you choose from a list. It is just not set up that way! Think of DreamBox as a math program that will improve your child's math skills and understanding over a longer term and that will work on the foundations of math, and not on the premise of "drill, drill, and more drill". Kind of like a tutor." (HomeSchoolMath)

Cost Range: Under $10/month

Device Compatibility: iOS, Android, Web-Based

Can it be used by kids independently? Yes

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