Dads Level Up as COVID Levels Down

Happy Father’s Day!

In honor of the day, here is my own personal analysis of the dadding-during-covid pieces flooding the interweb this week: A study in the U.K. shows that dads are pitching in 58% more with child care during lockdown thank they did before. (NY Post) And a new Harvard study shows that nearly 70% of dads in the U.S. feel closer to their kids than they did before coronavirus. (Motherly)

I don’t know about you, but I would call that a good return on investment.

In celebrity news, Barbara Streisand sent Gianna Floyd (George Floyd’s daughter) an undisclosed number of shares of Disney stock this week, making her the latest in the celebrities who have reached out to help Floyd’s family.

And finally, some good news on kids and COVID: An Oxford University study has found an inexpensive steroid to have significant impacts on survival rates in severe COVID cases, while another study shows that kids are 35% to 60% less likely to contract COVID at all. (Motherly)

Read on for more fantastic news and nuggets for your nuggets.

Overheard on the Playground

"Taking three kids anywhere is like trying to swim while holding a bowling ball. It’s one of the worst chores of parenting. It doesn’t need any nosey Karens making the job even tougher."  

-- Chris Illuminati


  • The FDA Just Approved a Prescription Video Game :: The simple 3D game may be an effective tool in improving attention function in kids aged 8-12 years old. Bring on the screens! (Fatherly)


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  • Nasa Live :: Watch NASA educational videos from astronauts and scientists all summer long with your kids! (Kids Activities)
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  • Reforms :: The people have protested and legislation has been written. Read about the new laws passed regarding police brutality in different parts of the country. (DOGO News)
  • Alien Civilizations :: Scientists suspect around 36 alien civilizations exist near earth. Learn more about the study and how there's a high possibility that there are intelligent life forms out there. (CBS)
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