Covid Cancels Helicopter Parenting and Daniel Tiger Learns to cope

Are you a helicopter parent?

Were you one before the pandemic?

Are you still?

Maybe the days of helicopter-hovering are over -- yet another casualty of the pandemic (as WSJ's Anne Marie Chaker examined this week). Or maybe the 'copters have just been rendered obsolete by the fact that nobody ever leaves the house anymore. Either way, an article in Psychology Today this week offers new insights on whether helicopter parenting fosters failure. Food for self-examination or sanctimony -- take your pick.

Meanwhile, Daniel Tiger will be on lockdown in the new season starting next month, guiding kids through feelings and questions, "including what to do when he misses the people he loves, how to keep himself and others healthy, and how to find ways to enjoy the extra time at home with his family."

Read on for more fam-tastic news and nonsense for your week.

Overheard on the Playground

"Even when I'm talking to someone about Wonder Woman, she tries any which way she can to change the topic. But she has certainly learned that every woman is a wonder woman. She literally says that, which I love."  -- Gal Gadot


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