Fisher-Price Recalls Infant Rocker, Thor’s Disneyland Hack & Nanno Seeks Beta Testers for New iOS App

It's been a quiet week on the playground -- but that's ok with us, because we have big news of our own. We're finally launching our iOS app for parents! It will be ready for beta testing in the next few weeks, so if you'd like to join our beta test group, let us know (Click Here).


What everyone on the (virtual) playground is talking about this week.

  • Chris Hemsworth’s Disneyland Hack :: Key takeaway --  “don’t try this at home.” (Fatherly)
  • Serena Williams’ Parenting Advice to Meghan Markle :: “You just got to go with the flow.” (HuffPost)
  • Fisher-Price Recalls Infant Rocker :: After several tragic deaths. (Babyology)
  • NYC Declares Public Health Emergency :: After multiple reports of “measles parties,” where the parents of unvaccinated kids gather to intentionally expose their kids to the virus. (ScaryMommy)


Cool new tech to make life easier for parents and families.

  • You Can Buy Your Kid A Toy Vacuum That Actually Works! :: This toy vacuum isn’t just a toy. (Scary Mommy)


Interesting stuff you can share with your kids -- or, if they're old enough, even have them read themselves.

  • How to Draw Trigger and Winnie the Pooh :: Andreas Deja demonstrates how to draw step-by-step. (The Kid Should See This)
  • Kid Approved Chicken Nugget Recipes :: Each offer a different taste, texture and shape every time! (Kids Activities Blog)
  • Sink or Float Experiment :: Fun water experiment for toddlers. (Hands On As We Grow)


Useful info and insights for life as a 'rent.

  • 4 Most Overlooked Baby Proofing Tips :: Here are some tips you might not have thought of, including some for your toddler who loves to parkour. (Scary Mommy)
  • It Takes a Village, But Can You Trust Them? :: Something to think about.. (Fatherly)
  • Here is Why "Me Time" is Important for Moms :: How do I actually keep a little of the old me front and center in this new, absolutely amazing life I have. (Red Tricycle)


Fun and -- shh, don't tell! -- educational things to do with kids)

  • Seed Paper Easter Eggs :: If you haven’t made seed paper before, you’re in for a treat today! (Handmade Charlotte)
  • Matcha Green Tea Play Dough :: Make some gorgeously soft play dough using this ALL natural recipe for little hands to explore! (The Imagination Tree)
  • It's Garden-Planning Time :: With these printable garden journal pages. (Child Fun by Valerie)