Party Time! Should I Book a Babysitter (or Four) for My Summer Party?

Securing a babysitter for a summer party should be at the top of every parent’s checklist. From themes to menus to activities, there is so much to consider when planning a party. But the number one concern at the heart of this summer party planning should be the care and safety of the kids attending. This is especially true of pool parties or beach parties, which can add another level of anxiety -- and require additional safety consideration.  Once the issue of safety is taken care of, you can settle back and enjoy time with friends and colleagues on a beautiful summer’s day.

Let’s take a closer look at the key four reasons why booking a babysitter for your summer parties is a great idea.

Reason #1: Get More Done

Let’s be honest... summers are long, and when you have kids at home it can feel even longer. Don’t get us wrong, we all love our kids, but summer vacations mean more snack times and food prep through the day, more hours in the day for your kids to get bored, and less time for you to focus on getting things done.

The pressure placed on parents over the summer vacation time can feel insurmountable at times, especially when it comes to trying to keep kids entertained while limiting screen time, keep them fed while maintaining a balanced diet, and still maintaining time to focus on your own tasks. You can be sure that if you are feeling the extra pressure that comes with child care responsibilities during the summer, your friends and colleagues are feeling them too.

When it comes to accepting an invitation to a summer party, or when planning one yourself, one of the most questions asked is, “Who is watching the kids?” Booking a babysitter for summer parties is a great way to alleviate these fears, making your party child-friendly and safe and giving your friends that much-needed break to enjoy some adult time. This will also allow them to stay and enjoy the entire party without worrying about needing to get home early to relieve a babysitter at home.

Reason #2: Extra Eyes on Your Children

By booking a babysitter (or four) for summer parties, you can ensure a more hands-on individualized approach for the children who are present.

Hired babysitters will come with the appropriate first aid qualifications making them trained, competent, and able to see to every last detail of caring for the children at your summer party. From checking sunscreen levels to watching over children with allergies to ensuring kids are entertained and safe for the duration of the party, a babysitter can handle any childcare concerns you have in the planning of your perfect party.

A professional babysitter knows they have been hired with a specific goal in mind - to maintain the safest and most entertaining time for your younger guests. They will competently create activities, drive interest and maintain the safety levels throughout the event, resulting in your guests' children having a great time.

Reason #3: Parties Should Be Fun for the Kids Too

Picture this: Your party is planned, it’s the day of and your friends arrive. As they walk in, there are squeals of delight as their kids spot something in the garden. The babysitter you booked to assist with your day has erected a DIY escape room in the garden. The children race off to enter the escape room where they will be tasked with saving Princess Peach from Bowser and his evil crew.

There is no reason that your summer party should not be as much fun for the kids as it is for the adults invited. While you may not have the time to focus on planning their fun, an experienced babysitter will be able to. From creating a gummy bear treasure hunt to planning the ultimate NERF war, the sky is the limit when it comes to entertaining the kids attending your party.

What a pleasure for parents to be able to mingle and enjoy their time together while a professional babysitter plans engrossing activities to keep their kids happy and entertained. How nice it would be for them to cast a glance across the lawn and see their kids laughing as they tumble through an obstacle course or get creative with some squirt gun artworks to take home with them at the end of the day.

Reason #4: Keep Kids Safe During the Party

Children and infants are naturally at higher risk for accidents and injuries, and for this reason alone, careful attention should be given to how their care is structured at your summer party.

Some of the more common emergencies involving children include:

  • Near-drowning
  • Electrocution
  • Suffocation
  • Animal bites and stings
  • Choking

All babysitters registered on the Nanno site have been thoroughly checked prior to being accepted. After completing the initial application, candidates are background vetted through a carefully structured process. They also undergo a skills test and behavioral profiling. When opting to go with a Nanno babysitter, you know the children in their care are being monitored by someone with the appropriate level of skills required.

Babysitters sourced from Nanno understand the importance of knowing the medical history of the children in their care and make sure they receive this. They know how to keep the children safe and are qualified with CPR, AED, and First Aid certifications. They will make sure that they know how to reach the relevant parent should a situation arise.

Tips in Hiring a Babysitter for the Summer

Hiring a babysitter for summer can prove challenging for various reasons. These are generally short-term positions and babysitters and nannies are in higher demand at this time. For these reasons, hiring your summer party babysitter should factor into your planning as early as possible.

Don’t leave this for the last minute. By starting the process early, you give yourself time to find someone who can fulfill the role you require from them. Taking your search online, through sites like Nanno casts your net wider. You have far more options for sitters and nannies on sites like this, and they have all already been vetted.

To make things easier from the start, make sure you customize a job description for the babysitter you require, and be sure to include summer skills you would like them to have. This will refine the search and get you closer to the ideal match.

Perfect Planning Results in the Perfect Party

When planning your summer party, child care is one area that cannot be ignored. Careful and precise planning is needed to ensure your children and the children of families attending your party are safe, happy, well cared for -- and, most importantly, that they get to have as much fun at the party as their parents do!

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