Babies In Boxes and Kids Explain It All

“Out of the mouths of babes” is the theme of this week. A seven-year-old explained for the world where babies come from, Carrie Underwood’s four-year-old opined that his mom’s best skill is laundry-folding, and a 10-year-old picked a not-so-perfect Valentine card for his girlfriend.

Another bizarre theme: Moms documenting their babies’ first years in relation to fast food: one in Shake Shack boxes and another in pizza boxes. (?!?!)

Also, The Rock’s 18-year-old daughter, Simone, has signed on with WWE, making four generations of pro wrestlers in the Rock family.

And if you haven’t yet seen Hair Love, the Oscar-winning animated short about a dad’s struggle to style his daughter’s hair, you should.

Read on for more fam-tastic news and ideas!

Overheard on the Playground

“I had Lilly, my first child, two and a half months before [winning an Oscar]. I was so crazy in love with my daughter that it slightly eclipsed the Oscar — which in Hollywood is an almost sacrilegious thing to say.”

-- Mary Steenburgen


Cool new tech to make life easier for parents and families.

  • Recall Alert: Popular Baby Carriers Recalled due to Fall Hazard :: Recalling three different Infantino carriers that were sold at popular retailers like Target and Amazon, from November to December 2019. (Motherly)


Interesting stuff you can share with your kids -- or, if they're old enough, even have them read themselves

  • Make This Leap Year Memorable! :: Because every four years, a whole extra day, February 29th, magically appears on our calendars, giving us 366 days of the year instead of 365. (Kidzworld)
  • The New Coronavirus Explained :: Chinese officials announced that 27 people in Wuhan, the capital of Central China’s Hubei province,  had been infected with a new strain of the coronavirus. (DOGO)


Useful info and insights for life as a 'rent.

  • Cell Phones Have No Place In School :: I’ll get right to the point: I don’t think kids should be allowed to use their cell phones during the school day. (Scary Mommy)
  • Surprising New Way of Handling Meltdown :: Meltdowns, tantrums and sulking all signal a communication breakdown between parent and child. (Especially for toddlers who are just starting to learn how to talk.) (Motherly)


Fun and -- shh, don't tell! -- educational things to do with kids.

  • Candy Rainbow Bark :: Rainbows are a classic that will never go out of style. I mean, they have been going strong since Noah and the ark! (Handmade Charlotte)
  • St. Patrick's Day Fudge Recipe :: The kids especially love it when that kitchen science involves Candy! (Steam Powered Family)