Adley, Big Bird and the 5 Stages of Working from Home

This was a weak week for fam-tastic news -- but an incredible week for pandemic-related entertainment. So here's your ICYMI sheltering-with-kids watch list:

Overheard on the Playground

“If you are home educating, you may start drinking at approximately 10 a.m. every day.” -- Adley


  • Earth Conscious Apps :: Want to reduce your ecological footprint? These 10 apps can help you live a more sustainable life from the clothes you wear to the excess food you have in your fridge. (CNET)
  • Learning in Isolation :: If you’re running out of engaging ways to homeschool your kids, you’re in luck. Here are six tools that makes educating kids a whole lot easier and fun! (The Post Millennial)


  • Safe Outdoor Activities :: In celebration of Earth Day 2020, try out these activities that teach the importance of recycling, how to stay safe outside, and how to have fun in the great outdoors! (Forbes)

Virtual Library :: If you’re running out of stories to tell your kids, worry no more! Here are six ways you can get free books to expand your kids’ knowledge. (POPSUGAR)


  • The Great Barrier Reef Adventure :: You may know David Attenborough for his spectacular narration in Our Planet, the documentary exploring our planet's natural beauty. This weekend, take your family on an interactive journey into the depths of the reef with Attenborough himself! (Attenborough’s Reef)
  • Charade Party :: In the mood to keep your loved ones guessing? Print out these free charade cards with over 250 fun ideas! (Childhood 101)


The Earth's Satellite :: The United States Geological Survey released the first geological map of the Moon. The digital map will be used as a blueprint for future explorations, and an important tool for us to understand the makeup of our only natural satellite. (

  • Earth’s Tiny Superpower :: Last week we learned about the Siphonophores, one of the largest creatures in the world. Now read about the Plankton, Earth's tiniest organism, but one of the world’s most important resources that keeps our cars running and our homes heated. (howstuffworks)
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