5 DIY Father’s Day Gifts That Will Melt Any Dad’s Heart

My dad was always hard to buy for when it came to Father’s Day -- and my husband, not surprisingly, is too. Luckily for me they are both big saps and love a good homemade gift. And my daughters are both pretty artistic and creative so we always manage to find something that works. Some years we need something super quick that can be made the day before, and other years we manage to plan ahead and really outdo ourselves. This year I figured I’d share the fruits of my hours spent trolling Pinterest and Instagram for great ideas. (Whether we get our project finished by Father’s Day is anyone’s guess, but pinning is half the battle!) Here are my top 5.

The Daddy Interview: This is the one my youngest daughter and I are working on for my husband this year. She’s three, and I think this one is the most fun when it’s coming from a younger kiddo. Just grab a list of common questions to ask about Dad (here is a good example), and either write down or record your toddler’s responses. My daughter had some pretty hysterical responses to these that I think will both make my hubby – and probably the whole family – lol for years to come. We set up ours as a written story, using the computer to set it with fancy fonts and different colors to show which were my daughters' specific contributions. We printed it out on nice paper and framed it with a black matte that my daughter decorated (scribbled on and “wrote” messages to her dad on). We haven’t wrapped it yet but we plan to make the wrapping an adventure too. Nothing quite like trolling Dad a bit on Father’s Day!

Mason Jar Piggy Bank: This one is pretty straightforward and good for all ages. Get a mason jar or really any glass jar that you like (and that doesn’t smell like pickles). You can decorate it with a generally silly theme (like labeling it “Dad’s Stache” and drawing a mustache on it) or, if there’s something special that he’d like to do or get, write in pretty, colorful writing “Dad’s Deep Sea Fishing Trip Fund” or whatever. (If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can cut a slit in the lid.) And don’t forget to drop a few starter coins in there! For a bit of a visual, try this.

Hand and/or Feet Art on Canvas: This one is great for getting babies involved in the gift-making. I did it with my daughter when she was about 6 months old. We got a blank canvas and I let her put her hands in different color finger paints and put her hand prints on it. I then let her step in it and walk on the canvas (obviously with my help). It made the cutest little piece of art, which we all still get a kick out of.

Workshop Tape Dispenser: This one is for older or adult kids and probably takes the most advance planning. I really want to do this with my girls but I think we’ll have to wait till next year on this one. Basically, you build a rectangular box or other holder-shaped thing, and then create slots to hold various size tape. Duct tape, packing tape, masking tape – basically all the tapes you might look for in a workshop or garage (but of course never be able to find). Here is one design using PVC pipe you might give a go.

Coffee Mug: Last but not least, the classic coffee mug – with a home-made twist. (Even dads who don’t drink coffee can use it as a pen holder or random screws/bolts/nails holder.) Buy a blank coffee cup and use acrylic or enamel paint to decorate it with lots of loving messages, hearts, hand prints, whatever you think will make him feel most loved. Here is a step by step tutorial you can use to help you out.

They say it’s the thought that counts – and that is never more true than when kids make a homemade gift for their dad. There’s really no way to go wrong – with these or any other idea you might come up with. And if you happen to have a little fun in the making, well that’s a bonus!

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