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When you need a nanny now

The problem

The Problem

You've got daycare. You've got stable, reliable babysitters. You've got a nanny.

You've got a last-minute emergency and none of your usual childcare options are available.

You've got a problem.
Nanno can help.
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Connecting Parents & Caregivers

Leveraging your existing social networks, we provide a pool of available caregivers, all of whom are trusted by someone you trust. Then we find the one who can get there fastest, and we make it happen.

Tailored for your needs

You tell us who you are and what you need.

Nanno uses social network mapping to build you a customized network of caregivers who are connected to people you know.

Find caregivers instantaneously

We send a beacon (NNN - Need Nanno Now!) to all the caregivers in your network who is available at that moment.

One of our caregivers replies to let you (and us) know that they’re on their way.

Full control over the experience

When your caregiver arrives, you initiate the engagement.

When you’re ready to relieve your caregiver, you end the engagement. Easy.

Stress-free payment

Payment is processed automatically.

Coming to the Denver metropolitan area in December 2016

We'd love to stay in touch and let you know when we are available in your area